Wireless MIDI Drum Controller

Wireless MIDI Drum Controller

The six pads are velocity sensitive. I used sensors by Interlink.

There are twelve digital switches total, four of which you cannot see here because they're attached to a cable which extends to the hand (joystick).

There is Velcro (hook and loop) fuzz glued on the back. This controller straps to my bicep with two nylon belt straps that have the hook part of the velcro attached.

The drum pads are 100% pure silicone caulking made from making a mold out of modeling clay and the face plate is a hand hack job with a dremel. It's not made of wood, but abs plastic, the wood veneer is just contact paper from Menards.

The tricky parts:

Getting Xbees to transmit standard MIDI signals.

The drum pads.

Doing a peak detection algorithm with analog sensors. Digital Schmitt triggers as it were.

There is a plan for a Youtube video in the works. I'd like to give thanks to Tom Igoe and TodBot for inspiration and steering me in the right direction....

I also made wireless accelerometers that strap to my ankles that I use for an impact sensor (kick drums). As of right now, only single Z axis. Similar peak detection algorithm, sends a velocity MIDI message to the same MIDI reciever radio base thats hooked up to my computer triggering soft samplers.

Inside both units are Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V, as you don't need a buffer circuit to get the Xbees and Arduino pro mini's to talk.


Would love to see some code and a video :)

I’m a recently graduated entry level electronics engineering tech (AAS) here in the states that can’t find a job.

I’m weighing my options with what to do with the code. I can design PCBs so I’m looking to make some microcontrollers and take a computer aided drafting class to design the housing as well and offer them as a kit or maybe a finished product.