Wireless network of 5 temperature sensors

Hello I am a beginner with arduino. I would like to create a wireless network of 5 temperature sensors What is the best way? I would like to avoid using plates arduino with each sensor. I care about the small size sensors Is the best way to use NRF24L01 ?

A radio link is a good way to go. Bear in mind that higher frequencies have intrinsically less range for the same transmit power, so you may want to consider a 413 MHz. radio like the RFM22B. It has an excellent library (RadioHead), and can deliver 100 mW transmit power. They cost about $3.00, and are half the size of a postage stamp. The pinout is 2 mm, slightly less than 0.1 in. (2.454 mm), but they aren't hard to solder wires to to make your own "breakout" board.