Wireless Network Time Protocol (NTP) LCD Clock using ameba_rtl8195am

I got a spare LCD display and a microcontroller from Realtek (Ameba_RTL8195am which is pin-compatible with Arduino UNO) laying around for a while, thought why not put it to use and build a real-time world clock showing the time from other side of the planet as I have to chat with friends from other time zone.

The idea is simple, I need an internet protocol to access the time in places of my interest and that is NTP—Network Time Protocol, a commonly used protocol to get an accurate time as long as you are connected to a network.

The microcontroller used here is an IOT enabled MCU called Ameba1 from Realtek, it comes with low-power core, WiFi, and many other peripherals that I previously bought for school project.

Connection wise, the LCD display uses I2C so connection is relatively simple, see picture below

Setting up software is easy too, only Arduino IDE is needed and the source code is at GitHub - crabbyhead/Realtek_Ameba_Examples: Some sample code for Realtek's AmebaIoT embedded development boards. Now just upload the code to ameba and that’s it.

Congratulations! You have built yourself a clock that is always on time~