Wireless or bluetooth connectivity

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and my first foray into arduino so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a project in mind and I want to know if it is possible with the arduino or not. I want to create a standalone module that contains either a button switch or an infrared sensor with either a wireless or bluetooth module as communciation tool. This stand alone module will be in one part of the house (ie garage). Now I want this stand alone module to be able to communicate with the base arduino that is stationed in another part of my house (ie living room). I want the base arduino to read the input from the module in the garage and output a simple website. I know that I would need an Arduino Ethernet Shield to create a web server. However, I'm not sure what I would need to create that stand alone module in the garage. Please let me know some of the components I would need to do this or if this is even possible.

Thanks in advance!

Okay. So you want an Arduino in the garage to detect when your parents come home, which then sends a message to another Arduino to output some website that looks like research instead of the porn that would be showing instead. For that, I would stick with RF or Wifi. Bluetooth range may get through 1 wall, MAYBE two, depending on your house layout. With 2 Arduinos, it'd be pretty straight forward, if your "if this is even possible" query in regards to using a non-Arduino sensor module that will still send data, I'm not sure about that. Sounds like something that could be made, shouldn't need a whole mcu to send 1 of 2 states.

Bluetooth is wireless !

An alternative to Bluetooth could be a pair of nRF24L01+ modules - one on each Arduino. They have a lot more capability than you need but they are very cheap.

I got my nRF24s working with this Tutorial

I recommend using the TMRh20 version of the RF24 library - it solves some problems from the ManiacBug version

The pair of programs in this link probably have most of the capability that you need.


Robin, are you aware of any remote standalone modules that would send data without needing an Arduiono/mcu? Like putting a PIR sensor and having it wired to an RF transmitter to send a particular signal for on or off? Or even a button? Maybe I just described a garage door opener remote. Do they have a hobby version of such a thing?

INTP: Robin, are you aware of any remote standalone modules

I am not. But that does not mean they do not exist - for all I know they may be common.