wireless people counter

I am working on a project that is based on an existing people counter. It is a relay based counter, that detects the people going IN or OUT by two relay signals. The Arduino has been programmed to count the number of people present in the room at any time.
Now I have to transfer the data via FTP , so that the data can be accessed from anywhere, live. I plan to use an Arduino Wifi shield.
My questions are :

  1. Can the data be send directly, live through the wifi whiled, without saving it to a file?
  2. If not, could some one pls help me modify the program to save the data every 5 mins to a file and then send it to the webpage created.
  3. Can the sd card option and the wifi option be used at the same time in a wifi shiled
  4. If not, can i use a seperate sd card data logger

I have attached the program.

counter_in_out_and_present_number.ino (1.72 KB)

If you can send the data live to the Arduino Serial Monitor you can send it live by wireless.

If you have not already bought your WiFi shield it may be worth using a Yun which has WiFi built in and also a Linux computer that would make the web stuff much easier.

And an ESP8266 would be much cheaper than a WiFi shield.


Thank you for the quick relpy. Yes, i can see the data live on to the serial monitor. So IT is possible to send it directly without saving it to a file? Is there any particular command I could use?

I have WIfi shiled, but I am still looking at other options, cos I think it is difficult to connect to a universtiy connection (WPA2 eneterprise connection, using PEAP)

Do you think it would be easier with a Yun?And I shall research on ESP8266 as well.

If you already have a WiFi shield just use that unless it is not possible.

I don't have one but there are plenty of examples around about how to use it.

My phone Hotspot uses WPA2 PSK and my Yun can connect to it. My ESP8266 is still in its bag.

The big advantage of the Yun is Linux and Python.