Wireless Ping Pong Scoreboard

Hi All. I am wanting to make a basic scoreboard to hang on the wall and attach arcade buttons on the side of the table to wirelessly transmit to the scoreboard. I am curious how feasible this would be and am wondering the best equipment to use. I think I can handle the code but unsure about the hardware. Any help would be most appreciated!

Well, as no-one else has jumped in yet, I can suggest a thing or two.

The two Arcade Style buttons are hit by each player whenever they win a point?

That is then transmitted to a large scoreboard, two digits per player?

[Information like this would have been useful, by the way]

OK, use a standard 4-channel 433Mhz or 315Mhz transmitter / receiver module (which frequency depends on which is legal in your part of the world).

The arcade buttons connect to on of the transmitter pins. The remaining pins (channels) can be used to reset the scoreboard perhaps,

The Arduino receives the signal and updates the count. And displays it. Which is where you will have to think hard about budget. You can get 6.5" 7-segment display (see here) but what size you want has not been specified so this is just an indication.

It's a simple project but the money will be in the display (if you were to use 4 of those LEDs for example, that would be 40 pounds or 60 dollars, no doubt you can get them cheaper from the Far East). An LED matrix would be even more expensive because each matrix is only a couple of inches square. You would need a lot to make a large display.

Anyway, until you can specify a bit more about your requirements, that's my tuppence worth of ideas!

Edit: forgot to say that if you watch my video #27 (URL in the footer of this post) you can see the transmitter/receiver pair I'm referring to.

This is perfect, thank you! And yes, I was thinking one arcade button on each side of the table and some way to reset the score. Maybe another button for reset or possibly holding down either main button for ~3 seconds or something to reset it. That display would be perfect for it. I was planning on using LED strips, copper tape, and shift registers to make my own because I couldn't find something like that SO THANK YOU!!! I look forward to watching your videos as well.

Glad it helped.

Of course you can use shift registers to light them all up but a MAX7219 does make things so much easier (and you can just send down a "1" or "6" and the MAX7219 just displays that number on the digit you have told it to without worrying about which segments make up that digit. Assuming all you want to display is digits here, of course (or the letters "H" "E" "L" and "P" - if you want to know it's all in the video about MAX7219s and 7-segment LEDs!).

You could reset by sensing when both buttons are held down for say 2seconds.

Tom... :slight_smile: