wireless powering of Arduino Uno, Soundsensor and 5V LED-Strip

Hi, I am working on building a smaller version (approx. 17x17cm) of this here: floating cloud.
I have the levitating device (levitating disk, max lifting capacity 500g), the programmable 5V LEDs, the Arduino Uno and the appropriate sketch and the Soundsensor (sound sensor). Everything works just fine, with the exception of the wireless electrical power supply. For obvious reasons I must avoid a permanent cabling, so it must work with a rechargeable akku. I bought the following: sparkfun.com LiPo USB Charger (Sparkfun LiPo charger) and a 3,7V, 500mAh akku (LiPo akku). That doesn't seem to work. I take it I need a permanent and stable supply of minimum 5V power coming from the akku to power the arduino, the sound sensor and the 5V LED strip.
Can someone help me ?
Many thanks

I think you need a forum that deals in magic!