Wireless Pressure Sensor?

Is it possible to create a wireless pressure sensor using a FlexiForce A101 Sensor connected to a wireless transmitter (preferably Bluetooth) that could communicate to an Arduino?

What I am essentially trying to do is get pressure data from a user's shoe and transmit that data to an Arduino that would control DC pumps depending on the pressure data.

I know I can do this with wires leading from the pressure sensor to the Arduino, however, I would like to know if I can do this with a wireless transmitter connected to the sensor. Would I need a second Arduino and power source connected to the sensor, or could I just use a wireless transmitter?

I am very inexperienced with electronics, however, a senior design project is requiring me to dive into the world of Arduino

Unless the transmitter you choose is a programmable device with I/O ports, you will need a microprocessor (e.g. Arduino) between the sensor and the transmitter.

You would need a receiver and Arduino to receive and process the data, as well.

This would be a very challenging project for a beginner!

Thank you for the insight. I think im going to just continue on the "wired" path and nail down that operation. If I have extra time before the due date, ill look into wireless communication, but its not a necessity.