wireless programming experiment with xbee s1

hello, everyone.

I ever post an article to discuss about wireless programming on UNO with xbee s1 at August 19,2012.

It is still unsuccessful now. I guess the trouble is caused by bootloader.

Oneday, I burn the optiboot(default on UNO) into duemilanove board, it doesn’t work with wireless programming when baudrate 115200.(but it is good work by USB cable)

Another day, I modify the duemilanove bootloader(atmegaboot_168_atmega328.hex) , let the bootloader use baudrate 115200.
It doesn’t work too. whatever use usb cable or xbee wireless module.

But the default bootloader of duemilanove is still good work with wireless programming.(baudrate 57600)

I will study about avr bootloader, and I wish it can be successful in the future.

As far as I can tell, what you're trying to do is never going to work. You can take a look
at the following page,

In the past, you could do wireless programming using XBee S1 modules, provided you were
using an older bootloader that uploaded at 9600 bps, and modified the XBee adapters as
indicated. However, this doesn't work with the new bootloaders and 115.2.

I think that both the bootloader and the uploader programs [eg, avrdude] have to be
rewritten to do the job, to take into account delays in the RF link turnaround, and also to
resend possible corrupted packets. This isn't super trivial to do.