Wireless Programming Iteaduino BT (Arduino compatible)

We got many mails that ask if the Iteaduino BT support wireless programming with Arduino IDE via Bluetooth, the answer is “NO”. But there are so many query about wireless programming, so there should be a actual demand of this function, so we will not just answer you – “NO”, we reply that the original Iteaduino BT is not support wireless programming, we can guide you to hack it, and make it support the Bluetooth programming function.

Here is the hack introduction, just follow us step by step:

  1. You need a Iteaduino BT, the hardware version is V1.0 or V1.1. Add a 1uF capacitor between Pin32 of HC-05 module and the Rest pin of Iteaduino BT (Pin29 of ATmega328P). As shown below:

  2. Set the jumpers to A side, to connect the HC-05 to FT232 chip. Set the switch of operation mode to CMD side. Use the USB cable to connect the Iteaduino BT with PC, we need to make it work in command mode and communicate with PC:

  3. Press the "BT_RST" button to make sure the module work at "CMD" mode. We need to use the serial port management software to send AT command to the module, here we use the “AccessPort” software. Choose the right COM port number, and the baud rate should be 38400.

  4. Send the AT command to change some configurations of the HC-05 module:

AT+ORGL ?Restore the default state? AT+ROLE=0 ?Configure the HC-05 as slave? AT+POLAR=1,0 ?LEDThe LED will on when the output of PIO8 is high. And it indicates connecting successfully when the output of PIO9 is low.? AT+UART=57600,0,0 ?Set baud rate to 57600, one stop bit and no parity bit? AT+INIT ?Initializing SPP library? Remember to add the "Enter" of each command when you send the commands. If the module get the command and accept it, it will return OK" :

  1. Download Arduino IDE 1.5. Yes, the latest version, don’t use the Arduino 0022 or Arduino 1.0. Download the “rxtxserial.dll” file here, and replace the one in your Arduino IDE 1.5 Folder.

  2. Set the Iteaduino BT into Data mode and connect with ATMega328:

  3. When the Iteaduino BT power on, use your laptop or PC with Bluetooth Adaptor to source the Iteaduino BT.

  4. Enter the pin code , default “1234” .

  5. When they are connected, open Bluetooth device and choose the device. Click the right key of the mouse and select "properties". In the “Hardware” label, you can see the COM port number of Iteaduino BT wireless port.

  6. Open Arduino IDE 1.5. You should select "Tools->Board->Arduino Duemilanove w/ATmega 328". And select "Tools->Serial Port->COMX (the serial port of the Bluetooth device)".

  7. Now write the code, and press the “Upload” button, you can upload your program via Bluetooth to Iteaduino BT and say goodbye to the USB cable now. Now we just test this way in Windows 7, and if you use the iOS or Linux, you need to try and hack it yourself , if you get it work in your Mac, please let us know : )

Blog: http://blog.iteadstudio.com/application-note/warless-program-your-iteaduino-bt-2/

As the iForum is dead, let me ask you following: Does it reset the arduino each time I close/open the BT connection? Thanks, P.

UPDATE: I've wired the stuff - it works nice with XP SP3 as well (IDE1.5.1r2) And yes, it resets the arduino when the terminal connects to it (ie you close/open teraterm). I've used 100nF capacitor btw.

It is looking as though you need an actual PCI bluetooth card to do it.

Has anyone managed to connect an arduino to the IDE using two of the HC-05 modules?

One plugged into the arduino and one into a USB socket in the PC?