wireless programming via wixels

hey! i have tried to do the wireless communication between the arduino board and the computer using a pair of wixels , both wixels were properly programmed and arduino board was also good but something is not right because im not able to do the programming wirelessly! i have used the terminal programs to run the virtual com port of the laptop to send data bytes over the virtual com wirelessly but the problem is that the terminal window is not responding. i have used the " putty" , " br@y " and the "tera term" terminal programs but none of them is working.
please help as i have invested a lot money on these wixels and im frustrated with the fact that nothing is easy to do,,at least for me!!

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Does the Wixel provide a way to create a Reset so the bootloader kicks in & looks for the bootload sequence on the serial lines?

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What is a wixel? Is it twouble?

Link please?