Wireless PS3 to control Arudino Mega

This is my first post so please be gentle.

I'm building a robot that will have the following hardware:

7 Standard continuous rotation servos

2 Micro Linear Actuators with LAC control boards

and 4 Sharp IR sensors.

I want to be able to control this robot wirelessly with a PS3, XBOX 360, or just a regular RC controller. Doesn't matter to me just so long as it can be wireless without having to interface a computer.

Range will be less than 10 feet at all times.

I'm using 4 of the continuous servos as my drive system, 1 continuous will be for controlling and wheel used for mining, 1 will be used for controlling the conveyor belt, and 1 for 180 degrees rotation of an arm with an IR sensor attached to it.

I will be implementing tank steering so both right drive servos need to be mapped to the right joystick and both left drive servos need to be mapped to the left joystick, so I can control the speed of my robot.

The mining wheel and conveyor can be off/on, doesn't matter either way and only rotate in 1 direction. The IR arm can be off/on as well (button press to rotate up, same button press to rotate down).

The conveyor should be one button turns on the servo to move up, and a separate button to move it down.

The two micro linear actuators need to be independent control mapped to the triggers.

And, for when I get to the autonomy, needs have a button that switches from listening for my control commands to being autonomous, but still listen for a button press in case I want to disengage autonomy in case something goes wrong.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction to begin this project? I can provide lots of pictures and more details if needed.

I have an Arudino Mega, all of the electronics, and will soon have my wireless PS3 and BT dongle.


This uses the micro controller to input the commands, which is better in my opinion.
You can use one of the buttons to control the mode.