Wireless Receiver RFM01 and RFM02 Transmitter

Hello Arduino Forum

I have got the RFM12B to work with my Arduino board thanks to Jee Labs

But now I want to interface with the wireless modules RFM01 & RFM02

I have googeld but my skills in AVR Assembler and AVR GCC are very limited so I'm wondering if there is any Arduino code/library out there that could help me?

I believe this product is pretty much the same kind of thing, take a look at the linked library : http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/433mhz-rf-link-kit-p-127.html?cPath=2 . At a push you could probably hook it up to the hardware RX & TX pins and use the standard serial commands.

If I would by some new modules it would definitely by the RFM12B but I have 10pcs of RFM01 and 10pcs of RFM02 laying around and would like to put them to use.

However having trawled the Datasheet, its a far more sophisticated beast than the cheapo Seeeduino stuff. It appears to use SPI, so here might give you some clues : http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/Spi