Wireless Remote Relay


I have a timer that puts out a 24 volt signal to turn a pump on. I would like trigger an input to a wireless transmitter. Though my wireless routers range. I have a wireless expander witch carrier my wireless network down to my shop. At my shop I have a Linksys router that can be wired or wireless. )prefer wired on this side) The pump is right next to it. This pump requires a 24 Volt signal to turn on.

If 24 volt input is to large, I could install an isolation relay to bring 24 volts to the 5 Volt Arduino voltage. Another permissive I would like is for this remote relay work independent on my network. (not relying on a sever)

Can this be done with minimum effort at a low cost? I currently have to timers on each side & I sink the times. If we have a power blip the timers have to be sinked.

My friend just gave me a Arduino UNO board to play with. I don't know where to start. ? ?

Thanks for any info, Scot

If all you're after is a remote relay (triggered by an output from somewhere - still one of the timers?) then you really don't need an Arduino at all.

Example: I have a shower pump upstairs that when turned on triggers a 433Mhz transmitter (so it starts transmitting on one of the channels). Downstairs the receiver part switches on a relay that then turns on a xenon flasher so that no-one starts using the hot water and scalding the person having a shower. Sounds bizarre but works amazingly well. No Arduino involved. And if you look at my YouTube channel (URL below) you will see that I am very Arduino-biased normally!

Can you clarify what it will be that will trigger the relay here - still a timer or something else? Why do you want to use the wifi (even though you say you want it to work independently of your wifi)?

The timers are two sprinkler timers. The pump is 200 feet away. I have my wifi transmitted to the shop.

If your wireless work just the same, I could do that. Do you have a youtube on your shower pump? Scot