Wireless(RF) RFID Reader

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Kindly help with sample codes to build Standalone Wireless RFID Reader for my university project

A RFID Reader and RF 433 Mhz Transmitter connected to a Micro-controller (Atmega8)
whenever ID card is scanned, data should be transmitted through RF connected to Microcontroller and same should be received by RF 433 Receiver connected to an Arduino UNO and print on serial port

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Hi. Generally, the specific RFID reader will come with sample code. If not, try doing a Google on the vendor/model of the RFID reader and follow that with the phrase " sketch" or " arduino".

Example: For the MiFare, I got this listing:

and Adafruit has a link for sample code.

Applying the 433MHz to a search, I found this:

433 MHz Radio Frequency Kit - Home Automation - Arduino Forum

(and bunches of other references.)

It is best to try and find code on the pages of the vendors from whom you purchase. If not, then vendor + model often helps.

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Thanks for inputs, Actually i'm new to arudino and its programming
I am able to do with two Arudino UNO boards, but i need to make one side as stand alone with any MCU

I need the code and schematic for MCU Atmega8 or any other MCU


I need the code and schematic for MCU Atmega8 or any other MCU

All official open-source designs provide full schematics... start here and drill down:

Look for the section titled: Schematic & Reference Design for any board model.