Wireless RF robo car controlled with NES JOYSTICK

HI, good day everyone, I am new kid here and I hope I can gain knowledge form you experts.Please pardon my english :grin: trying to improve that one also as it is not my native language.

So I am currently doing a project where I am using a NES joystick (damn cheap) to control my robot car(A simple RC CAR) ..Looks kinda simple for everyone but for me ..I am really having a bit tough time...The first one is how to interpet the data from joystick (joystick looks like similar cheap ps2 controller).

Is this possible..how should i proceed?


Post a link to the device you want to read. If you have code that reads data from that device, post it.

Interpreting the data should be pretty simple. After all, a joystick is just a couple of potentiometers mounted at right angles.

The only NES joystick I know of is the NES Advantage, and that uses micro switches. If you dont do anything to the actual chip inside, you can use a premade library, under joysticks and gamepads, in the arduino playground.


Hi thanks for the reply guys here is the below links for my joystick I dont know if it is called nes joystick or sega gensis..never used one..just picked up this form my old friends home..

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/688/1000447u.jpg/( o/p wire having 9pins)


Plz do suggest how to proceed now


So its a Playstation controller that acts like a NES controller. Interesting. Well if it is a third party NES controller, then it should work with that link I gave you. If not then just get a regular PS2 controller, there is also a library for that as well.

A cheap 5$ playstation will do or should buy any other controller..Please suggest

Thank you