Wireless, RF with apc220 - arduino, up to 1.2 km

hi check out my vids, i am not using xbee to transfer data, also i am newbie :D.

eh my vids are in french. if u want i can do an english translation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VKnJCmv0Jw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VGt48uKPtA

thanks! :D


Thanks. I prefer it stay in French with subtitles.

Hi First let me say that, this is my first steps into the world of the arduino and this is going to be a learning curve, which I hope will not be to long. I am trying to construct a seismograph from a Hitachi H48C 3x axis accelerometer. This is a design by an American friend of mine. It uses the sensor above coupled with a Pic16F876A and communicating with the PC via a radio link running a program called PLX-DAQ. This is a Parallax program for use with there type of transceivers, these units use a different protocol to the apc220 units. I would like to use the apc220 units as they have a greater range of transmission.

I came across the apc220 transceivers and the arduino board in my search on the web for other means of transmission. But not fully understanding all the pit-falls of units talking to each other and protocols, I came to a standstill.

Castels, I found your Youtube video, but do not speak French. :-[ Is there any chance of an English translation, so that I can get some idea of what I am trying to use? ::) I have a pair of apc220 and the USB link.

My aim is to either use propriety written software for displaying the graphs on a laptop, that will be running 24/7 365 days. This will be a cut-down laptop to be used as a data logger. This I will also try to make into a solar powered laptop as will the seismograph unit.

I realise that I may have to drop the original seismograph design and go with one using the arduino board, which would make more sense as there is more support for this device and it is open source software.

Hoping that you can help. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]