wireless scoreborad

Can anybody tell me how does a wireless scoreboard works? Does it sends data to be displayed on the score board or simply controls the closing and opening the switch to control the main board?

Thanks a lot

More info please...
Type of scoreboard (links etc)

Generally speaking there are two strategies - a dumb scoreboard with a smart controller, or a dumb controller with a smart scoreboard... each approach has it's benefits.

Where is the controller power taken from - that may give a hint.
Data link - WiFi, 433MHx or other?

I have made a lawn tennis scoreboard with a buttons to increment and decrement sa score. Approximately i have 16 buttons for all the functions of the score. However, i want to extend a little bit to make the scoreboard being controlled without wire. I intend to use HC-12 to control those 16 switches wirelessly. I s it possible?


Assuming an open-loop design, you simply need to encode your 16 buttons... there are several methods depending on the number of simultaneous keys (n-key rollover) that may be pressed., and the reverse to decode the wireless key stream back into your desired control signals.

In your scoreboard, are the switches in a matrix, or separate inputs to ...?
Are there any scalar/analog inputs? sliders/pots etc?

only 16 separate inputs, no pots. But i want these switches on and off to inc or dec the count.


What are the inputs? 3/5V compatible…?
You could drive directly from the ‘receiver’, or use relays if necessary.
Closure to 0V, or something else…?

One at a time, or combinations of switches?
It sounds pretty easy, but only you know what is being solved.