wireless sensor communication for industrial automation

Hello ,

I am trying to establish a wireless connection for the inductive sensors to the controller as the tangling of wires might lead to accidents.
The controller used is Siemens ET200 SP which is connected to the plant controller S7 1500 with a profinet. I would like to purchase the components that would be necessary for the making it wireless.

Please suggest me if this is feasible with arduino?

The existing wired sensors are PNP inductive sensors with M12 cable. The sensors are from a different brand- Balluff. I herewith attach the data sheets of the sensors we like to make Wireless.

Could you please let me know if there is a way to make it wireless with your product? Or is there an alternative for this type of sensors?

Datasheet_152070.pdf (211 KB)

For additional info: It's failiure is not in a hazardous one.

You may get a more useful answer at plcs.net.