Wireless Sensor Network Framework?

I'm a bit unsure how to realize this project:

(1) I'd like to monitor bee hives, e.g. weight, temperature, bees flying in and out, ...
(2) Then send this locally collected data from different bee hives wireless to a central unit, this unit has GSM/GPRS attached
(3) Now sending once a day the in the field stored data via GSM/GPRS to a webserver
(4) On the Server archive the data and produce interactive charts that are accesible via a HTML interface

ad (1) For monitoring data I'd like to use a power efficient solution like Seeeduino Stalker
ad (2) The central base in the field with "GPRS umbilical" can be a GBoard--if you have power and WiFi nearby--a YUN

After this start my question marks:

ad (3)

  • What is the best way to transfer data: FTP, REST API, how can I check integrity of the transferred files?
    ad (4)
  • Is there a framework what handles collecting and archiving of data or engaging user with graphical data?
    I don't want to relay on external services like xively or temboo where you not know whether the name exists still tomorrow or your banking account is plundered after some internet connections.