Wireless Sensor Network

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I'd like to make a WSN for a university project, well the main focus will be to visualise in a creative/interactive way various environmental parameters. So ideally I would like to place env sensors in various places of my university (indoor and outdoor). I was thinking aorund 30 different locations to make the project interesting. THe problem is to keep the budget very low and the timeline is of 2 months. Do you think is that feasible? What solutions would be available? I've seen Squidbee is no longer available...is there maybe a cheaper way to use a similar technology? Can you maybe advise what should I look for?

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For short range these are ideal http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-4G-NRF24L01-Wireless-Data-Transfer-Transceiver-Module-/270627208022?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f02a37b56#ht_3411wt_730 i use them, each transciever can be individually addressed, they are cheap and work well but short range (within 20m through walls)

Also, if you hunt around on eBay, you can find bluetooth modules for a few dollars.

You might want to check out http://jeelabs.com/products/jeenode which is sold in the US at http://shop.moderndevice.com/products/jeenode-kit. It's a low cost arduino compatible plus an RF transceiver.

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does that board you showed on ebay need to be mounted on arduino? how can I attach sensor to it?

@kafka82 The radio modules i showed are not stand alone sensors, they will allow communication between 2 or more Ardino's with sensors attatched, on the plus side they are simple to use in an ad-hoc network situation where you might have one base station and multiple slaves