Wireless sensor

Hi a Newbie here,could anyone give me direction in how I would go about Using Xbee radios to transmit a distance reading from a maxbotix 7092 sensor over the Xbees to a webserver device that I already have that uses Modbus TCP for communications for external devices. I already have the 2 -series 2 radios and an arduino uno rev3. I have tried this setup sensor connected to AN0 etc, Xbees receiving data confirmed in C-XTU, However cannot get any data from the arduino when the xbee is plugged into arduino with a xbeesheild even with the simplest code. Can read data with sensor connected directly to arduino no problem. I have not even started to figure out how to get the data to the Modbus yet since I seem to lose the data stream somewhere? Does someone out there know of an easier way to do this? Am going about this wrong?