Wireless servo control Dynamixel

Hey i was just wondering what would be the best way to control mulitple Dynamixel ax-12a wirelessly using an arduino ? I was thinking wirelessly connecting 2 arduino together. 1 connected to the robot and the other connected to some joysticks.

Your request is not very clear. It sounds like you are asking 2 different questions and not giving very much background to try to interpret them from context. Are these the questions you are asking?

  1. how can I control a Dynamixel ax-12a servo from an arduino?
  2. how can I operate my arduino wirelessly?

My advice, tackle these two tasks independently and then merge them into one task.

Have you tried to write a sketch to make the servo sweep back and forth? This is the 'hello world' of servo programs. Your thought to connect joysticks to one arduino and have it transmit commands to the arduino on your robot is workable. Or you could put a commercial hobby receiver in the robot and use a commercial hobby transmitter.

That is far from being a standard servo so I'd start by just getting that to work. You'll presumably need to use the specialised DynamixelSerial library. Googling "dynamixel ax-12a arduino" gets plenty of information.

Connecting 2 Arduinos wirelessly is not a big problem but one important question is what range are you expecting? That's going to determine what communication method you can use.