Wireless Servo Control


I'm new to arduino. For a project that I'm doing, I need to control a servo motor. Current;y servo motor is connected to PWM pin 6 on arduino Uno. Is there anyway that I can send the control signal on pin6 wirelessly to the servo motor using a bluetooth module or a xbee? I mean theoratically is it possible? I googled arduino wireless motor control and I could only find the applications, where I have to use two arduinos to achieve wireless operation of servo.

Hi, read my post - there are links to Jeremy Blum's tutorial on YouTube about controlling a servo wirelessly with xbee's and potentiometer.

There doesn't seem to be much help out there, I have had to figure out a lot myself and by searching online.

I have got the servo moving with gyroscope using xbee's and am still trying to figure out how to control DC motors with the gyroscope.

I must admit, I've given up a bit and been working out other projects.

I have found Jeremy Blum's tutorials helpful, to get started with Arduino.

Hope this helps a bit and good luck mate.


I also find a paucity of answers to the basic question you ask. But will keep looking. Sparkfun aimed me to XCTU, but then explained that it could not communicate to another XBee through Arduino and a shield without a little program to get around that using Pins 2 and 3 (which it directed me to).

Then a nice little program works to send short code like “ddH” to the receiving XBee which turns the receiving Arduino’s LED on pin 13 On and OFF. “ddH” changes the value on “d” (meaning digital pin) “D” (the code for 13 because that is what you do) and sets it to “H”, (HIGH). Then “ddL” turns the LED off.

Works like crazy.

So now you have a program that can change a value on a pin remotely.

But I want to add code that says “When the digital pin on 12 shows LOW, turn the servo to position 120, and when it shows HIGH, make the servo go to position 10.”

So I added code from a program that seemed to do such, and loaded it all up to the receiving XBee/Arduino.

But it seems that no command sent like “dcH” (i.e. “make the value for digital pin 12 HIGH”)

The code made this too long a message, so it is in the attached file.

I am quite sure I am making this all too complicated. I just want to send from the TX XBee “make the servo go to position X”, and then later, “make the servo go to position Y”.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


CodeExampleForPostAboutWirelessServoControl.txt (12.1 KB)