Wireless Servo controller

I'm trying to make a arduino UNO card with a 433 MHz (RF-link) transmitter and a potentiometer to send the value to another arduino UNO card with the receiver and a servomotor and the servo should move after the potentiometer's value. So I pretty much want it to be a wireless servo controller but I can't get the transmitter and receiver to connect. I've tried to just use one arduino card and get the servo to follow the potentiometer and that works fine. I just can't get the wireless part of the project to work. This is my first project with the wireless components, any ideas?


-1 potentiometer
-2 Arduino UNO
-1 Servo
-1 433MHz transmitter and receiver kit

Please, make the following setup using two UNOs and two HC12s and try to write a sketch for this setup and post it here. we would be glad to see your codes, and we will be happy to help you in correcting your codes. We have real hardware to test your codes.