Wireless shield comparison

Hi All, I am looking for Arduino compatible wireless shield comparison. I am specifically interested in #channels that can be opened simultaneously, how long the channels can be kept opened etc. Any pointer will be appreciated.

A little background: In my recent project, I’ve got exposed to Wifi and Wifely shield.

I started with Wifi shield. But found out that the network connection doesn’t stay open. Each time you need access, you need to open the connection. I understand the power implication behind this design. Also, theoretically, it is possible to change the firmware code and upload to behave it in the way I want it. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds (I’ve experience working on 8051 microcontroller in x86 environment, flashing with Dediprog without any hiccups).

So I moved to Wifely shield. Now I can keep the connection open as long as I want with the default firmware. But seems Wifely doesn’t support more than 1 simultaneous connection.