Wireless Sound Transmission

I'm really interested in creating a simple wireless box that i can put in the corner of a room that will record and transmit sound in PD. The ultimate goal is to develop a network of these and use simple triangulation or other algorithms to approximate the sound in other parts of the room within the network... This rig could be used as a simple way of picking up movement in an audience and using it as a crowd driven audio interface. I know there are a slew of technical issues with feedback and whatnot, and I will likely test the triangulation without these devices by placing microphones, but I would like to sus out my thought process.

The sound can be low bitrate, I think.

Any ideas?

get a bunch of wireless mics ( 50$ to $5000, depending on quality)...


The wireless mic idea is pretty practical, but I did want a homebrew option, to help me learn.