Wireless to serial communication help!!

I have a IMU (MPU6050) connected to ESP which can send real time data over wifi. There is an ancient graphing frontend that I want to use for plotting the incoming data from the ESP. My problem is that the frontend will only accept serial input from COM ports.
Is there any way I can create a virtual COM port that can interface wifi stream?
Did not find any leading answers here, any existing forum post or guidance will be a huge help! Thanks!!

The 'frontend' is a PC software? Why do you need to send data over WiFi? Can't you connect over serial?

Search for virtual COM port with TCP, if that's what you need.

Correct, the frontend is a PC software developed in Delphi. The sensor will be moving around, hence cannot have wired communication. I have used ESP32 board, just because it has WiFi and power supply integrated on it.
Searching for Virtual TCP COM port now.