wireless transmission of accelerometer values - as small as possible

hey guys, i have been experimenting with an accelerometer the last weeks and i built some little device with it. Now i want to send the accelerometer data wireless. The idea is to have

1) the device with the accelerometer in it and some transmitter, that transmits the raw accelerometer data (all 3 axis). this device has to be as small as possible.

2) the receiving device which does some processing with the accelerometer values. size doesn't matter here.

So now i don't really know what parts to buy to build the transmitting device as small as possible. Xbee seems to be way too large. I thought of combining an Arduino Nano with a transmitter/receiver pair (something like this: http://uk.farnell.com/quasar/qam-tx1/rf-mod-transmitter-am-ask-433mhz/dp/1304024?searchRef=SearchLookAhead). Another idea is to buy a small development board which already has wireless on board, something like this: http://lowpowerlab.com/moteino/ or this: http://moderndevice.com/product/jeenode-v6-kit/. And finally I wondered if maybe it's even possible without any microcontroller in the transmitting device, since it should only send the raw data it gets from the accelerometer without any processing. all the complicated stuff is then done by the receiving device.

I am very thankful for some hints + suggestsions!


If the module is small enough I suggest an NRF24 2.4GHz transceiver rather than 433MHz stuff.

The Moteino is another good idea.

And if you want really small size have a look at these Deltino devices. I use then for radio-control of N-Gauge model trains.


The usual questions have not been asked or answered. How much data? How often? How far? How reliably (how much risk is there from loosing a packet)? What is your budget? What is your experience level with robust wireless communication?