Wireless transmission of data


I've currently got a project which connects an MFRC-522 RC522 NFC reader to a arduino Uno.
This sends information from NFC tags to a Java program by using the Serial.print() command via a USB connection.
How could I port this code, and essentially send the same message over WIFI with a D1 mini to that Java program.
As in what technologies and approaches should I consider?

If this was my project my first step would be to get the D1 mini to send the data over the USB cable just like the Uno.

Assuming that works you will probably need to create a webserver function either on the D1 or in the Java program and use the other to act as a client.

I suspect it would be easier to learn how to do this entirely on your PC (it could have both a client and a server program for testing) as there are probably hundreds of online tutorials for PC web programming. When you know how to do it with the PC it would just be a case of transferring the knowledge to the D1.