Wireless transmitter, like a car's keyless entry.

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a small transmitter, size and shape similar to a car's keyless entry, that I can use with the Arduino. I'm looking for something with 3 or 4 buttons. The receiver end doesn't really need to do anything special, momentarily close a relay or anything, just so that my Arduino can sense it.

I'm not looking for a full blown data module like the XBee, but I can't find anything like what I want. I know they have to exist.

The only real important thing is that the transmitter is small, has three seperate buttons, and hopefully won't be triggered by interference.

Thanks guys.

Looks like I found something that will work for me:


Four channel relay board with NO, NC, and Common positions. A couple different size transmitter’s too.

Thanks for listening.

Ok, I eventually found a reseller for that board above, and they wanted $250!

This one can be had as a solder it yourself kit for $55: http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/elec/ck1616.htm (less pretty transmitter, though)

I've seen this one used:




Check these guys out...they're a Chinese Ebay seller but I just bought from them last month and got one of the RF remote with key fob like you're describing and it works great for me.


I haven't bought this particular item, but I've been a satisfied customer of Goldmine for many years: