wireless wearable display project

Hi all. I am new to these forums and very new to arduino (and all electronics). I am a research student working in wearable computing this year, and my research project is going to be about creating a wireless wearable display.

I’m hoping to start this thread and spark interest in my project, and hopefully keep this thread going for the full year to reveal my progress as i begin to make the device.

i decided i want to be using a arduino i/o board, because it can be used with processing, and i will be using the board to connect LEDs and create cool looking visualizations.I have included an image about the basics of how this setup should work in the end.

Since i am very new to electronics and arduino, i was hoping to firstly get some answers to the following questions.

1. I need to be able to send data to the device from a computer in order to generate visuals on the LED’s. So what type/brand/model of wifi radio module can i connect to the wiring board to do this?

2. i will be using a laptop computer to send this data wirelessly to the the i/o board, so what type/brand/model wifi module can i connect to a laptop to send data to the wifi module from question 1.

3. Are there any display devices (panels, LED’s) out there that people recommend to use with the arduino board to display visualizations?

4. Are there any portable power supply sources that people recommmend to use with the arduion board. preferrably a light weight one as i do not want this to be too heavy to wear. and need to get probably at least an hour of power each time.

how i think the device will work

how i think the device will be connected

I hope there are some arduino enthusiasts out there who will find this project interesting and will lend there expertise to help me solve some of these problems.

Thanks Guys!
I can be emailed at mpag5967@mail.usyd.edu.au if anyone has any information, links etc they would like to send. I am also from australia, so any arduino users in australia feel free to contact me if you have tips etc.

cool project mate! i like the sound of this.

i’m working on a few LED projects at the moment all using the arduino board, so i’ll look out some details for you and post them up.



hello again.

for my project, i’m using nexus led matrix units to prototype the whole thing before building my own custom matrix units based on the same schematic.

the nexus unit is a single colour led matrix with a MAX7219 chip built into it. the chip is designed to run led matrices and displays. theres a few good threads on the wiring site about this chip and the nexus units, and zambetti’s code is included with the arduino 003 download… which is very handy! thank you kind sir. ;D

your project sounds similar to mine, but i’m creating large modular 2m by 1m screens for an installation. my blog about it is here… www.pixelcubes.wordpress.com

also, theres something like this in make magazines blog, http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2005/10/make_your_own_wearable_led_dis.html
which is interesting.

hope this helps in some way.



I wanted to do the same thing…
I’m waiting for the bluetooth arduino to do the wirelles s part :wink: (that is going to be very soon I hope )

in the meantime you can read leah buechley’s excellent references and diy projects…
she’s already done (on Pic) all this kind of things… :wink:

now you just need to push the boundaries :wink:


Thanks for all your input guys.

i cannot use bluetooth i dont think, because i will need a reliable wifi range of around 20 meters or so (maybe more) and i need to implement it soon. does any wifi modules like that exist which can be used with Wiring or Arduino boards?

Currently i have a wiring board and will be using that till i can afford to order some arduions.