Wireless weather station for a complete noob

Hi all,

I am interested in making a weather station that can measure wind speed (crucial), and possibly temp+humidity (not crucial, but nice to have). It also needs to be wireless. I already wanted to make it a sort of spin off of this guy's (ARDUINO WIRELESS WEATHER STATION ( SOLAR POWERED ) - YouTube), But having the wind speed replace the max temp.

It would also be wireless, using one of these modules for each board (https://goo.gl/QuqjHo), and will be using a 13 dbi yagi at each end, as it will be transmitting over ~4-8km (in the high mountains).

Issue is, I am a complete noob, and know very little about coding.
Anyone able to give me a bit of advice? any would be appreciated


I am not familiar with 433Mhz wireless or LoRa so I won't offer any specific advice.

However as a general matter I suggest you treat this as two separate projects to start with. Get the weather instruments working without wireless and get the wireless working very simply just sending "Hello World" without anything else.

Planning and Implementing a Program

Start at the beginning and do it in stages.

Get an Arduino learn how to do the basics, flash an LED etc.

Then get the sensors working printing results to terminal or a screen.

Then add the solar charging and power saving bits.

Then and only then and all the previous bits are working start looking at the long range link.