Wireless weatherstations sending data to webserver

Hi everybody,

I am new to Arduino but do have some coding experience.

I would like to build two weatherstations, both with temperature, humidity, barometric pressure. One located outside and one located inside.

They should then both send their data to a web server (locally) that I will create for that purpose.

How small could I create them? The outside unit could be nice to have running on batteries, but is it not an necessity.

The bulk version I was thinking of is by using two Uno's, with a BMP280 sensors and WIFI shields.
Make each Uno connect to local WIFI and HTTP send data to my local webserver.

I think it could be cool if the outside unit were transmitting to the inside unit and then the inside unit could then upload to webserver.

I don't know really, any help on where I should start?

Best regards

I think you have the ‘gist’ of it down…

but IMHO… using wifi shields is overkill now-a-days… when you can use an ESP8266 (wifi) module… that costs about $2-3.00 USD…

In theory, you could have BOTH dump their data/variables directly to the server (ie: WAMP or MySQL/PHP install… or whatever it is you prefer to use)

I’m not clear on how ‘new’ you are…

but I would break it down into ‘steps’…

1.) Connect each of your sensors to your UNO…INDIVIDUALLY/ONE AT A TIME. and write a sketch (code) for each sensor… so you get a feeling/understanding of how each one works… what kind of data it returns…etc (so you know what to expect and how to parse/handle the returned data)

2.) Practice with ONLY the ESP8266 (or wifi shield if you want) and the UNO… and learn how to pass hard coded data to the server/script and insert the data into the DB…

At that point… you can sorta start making ‘rules’ for how you want your weather station to work.

Does it poll all sensors every 10 minutes… and update the server?

Every minute? (up to you I suppose)

IMHO… I would make each weather station ‘stand alone’… no reason for a MAIN WS to parse incoming data… when the OUTSIDE WS has the capability to dump directly to the DB itself… :slight_smile:

once you have 1 done… you just duplicate… and place it where you want… shouldnt be any changes.

Depending on the ESP8266 module you want to use… you may not even NEED an Arduino/UNO at all…

these ESP’s (can) have multiple I/O pins… (to have sensors…etc connected to it… just like an UNO for example)… and since it can connect/communicate with the network already… no UNO would be needed.

And these ESP modules are TINY!!!