Wireless Wii controlled self balancing skateboard

This is a self balancing skateboard that self balances using an AVR microcontroller and an accelerometer / gyro combination.

After starting a discussion on the forum concerning how to hack a wireless wii nunchuck using an Arduino I am now using this hack to steer the board and also to fine tune the balance point. It is steered by either moving the joystick left or right or by tilting the chuck left or right.

Links: http://sites.google.com/site/onewheeledselfbalancing/Home/2010-twin-wheeler-rebuild



I'm gobsmacked..

Is there a video yet?


so this is like a segway but skateboard?

thats outstanding!

get a video up ;D

Here is a challenge for you. Add tilting to the board so it can be steered like a regular skate board. Certainly would add to the danger of it all.

nice hardware :)

any videos?? 8-)

Wonderful! To save energy, you could change the brushed motors to brushless. Or, to raise speed!!! ::)

Insanely Cool!