Wireless Wii Nunchuck range ... sucks

So i got my circuit and servo and sketch all breadboarded. Works pretty well when Im sitting right beside it. For giggles I got up to walk and see if I could get out of the room with it. Nope can only get maybe 4 feet. LOL Has anybody used one before? I'm using a Memorex I got off amazon for $10. Looks sweet. Useless for any rov project. Do you have any range on yours?

I am powering mine with 3.3v because supposedly that's what they are supposed to run at. But some people have been using 5v with no problem.

I was thinking the range might be normal since the reciever plugs into the other part of the wii which is normally in your other hand. I didnt really think of that before I went down this road. I thought for some reason it plugged into the wii directly. (as you can see i dont have a wii)