wireless wind sensor

Hi community, I have been into Arduino since three weeks and finished all baseline projects and even more (e.g. wifi + bluetooth modules, ESP32 etc.)

To go even further I think it's time for a project. What I have in mind: autonomous anemometer solar powered with battery capacity run on Attiny85 chip and transmitting via RF to an Arduino Uno. A requirement is to sample twice per second.

I want to use a rotary hall effect position sensor since I can measure wind direction with a wind vane on that same sensor by replacing the anemometer later. Also I can send the Attiny85 to sleep mode instead of waiting for whole turns like with a reed switch, which is quite power consuming.

To make sure I have everything in place I would love to hear your feedback about my components and some support with wiring would be amazing.

BOM for sensor
-433 Mhz Receiver XD-RF-5V
-2 x 2V solar panel = 4V
-MLX90364LVS-ADD-200-SP-ND -> rotary position hall effect sensor

What I am missing (please tell me also what I don't know I am missing) :
-charge controller -> it would be great to find a module for solar panels rather than building everything from scratch.
-battery -> I would go for some 3.6V Nimh 500 mAh
-resistor, capacitors, diodes etc. to connect everything reliable together

Thank you for your feedback.

For lots of great tips and ideas, study this excellent solar powered Arduino remote sensor project.