Wireplant - Horticulture automation using Arduino

Wireplant exists to create a low-cost, high-efficiency method of plant horticulture using easily available materials. Our vision is to continue to experiment with construction and horticultural methods until it's an easily adaptable system for nearly any small-scale agricultural needs, at a cost far lower than current commercially available systems. Additionally, we plan to produce and develop Wireplant so that it has the flexibility necessary to grow multiple types of plants, requiring different levels of care, with only one system, allowing you to experiment with new plants without jeopardizing existing plants. For more information, pictures, code, and schematics visit http://www.wireplant.com/

So now we have arduino talking to the plants perhaps. Should work well, they like that sort of thing . I wonder if we can bring in moonlight planting maybe with an RGB LED mood light? With PWM Plant Water Modulation