Wiring a protoshield


I'm not sure how best to wire components together on my protoshield. I was going to do wire links underneath it, but trying to get them so they're only just long enough is a pain, to get them stripped the right length. I don't want to have to much extra length otherwise it'll look like a rats nest. How do you best wire such a board? Thanks,


I always aim for a wire to be too long by about 0.5" in that way you can move it out of the way and it is not too untidy. Mind you it will always look like a rats nest, using diffrent colours for some things can help, like red for the positive power and green for the ground.

David, I put all the components AND the wire jumpers on the top and only solder on the bottom.. Wires on the bottom can be confusing, at least to me...

Regards, Terry King ...In The Woods In Vermont terry@yourduino.com