Wiring a Servocity Linear Actuator with Feedback to an Arduino Uno

Hello all- Thanks in advance for reading. I am attempting to build an automated candy machine for Halloween with a Servocity Linear Actuator with Feedback Model HDA 12-2
I do not need the Feedback function for this project, but I cannot seem to make the linear actuator work without it.

When I apply straight 12v power to the red and black wire, it extends, and reversing the polarity brings it back. For the project- I was planning on having the Arduino Uno turn the 12v dual optocoupler relay on for
3 seconds- dispense the candy from the container, and then reverse and close.

So I don't need the feedback, but all of my wiring attempts are not working seemingly without the feedback wires attached. The problem with the following diagram that I have been using is that it references a RobotGeek Sensor Shield, which does not exist anymore, so I cannot tell where the feedback wires would go. Here is the link to the wiring diagram I am following:

Red and Black wires are to the common parts of the relay, and I put Blue to Analog 0- but where would yellow potentiometer reference and white potentiometer reference go to on an Arduino Uno? Do I need a motor driver or H bridge? Remember that I do not need the feedback- can you think of anyway to bypass that function. Thanks as always for your time.

White and yellow wires go to Vcc and ground. They (potentiometer reference) supply the voltage across the built in potentiometer (sensor).

The polarity depends on how you want the voltage to react to extension or retraction. Voltage rising or falling. The wiper (position signal) goes to an analog input.

const int sensorPin = 0;

So the sensor connects to pin A0. The declaration should really be = A0; to be more readable.
It looks like the yellow wire goes to V+, maybe?

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