Wiring ADXL357Z

I want to connect an EVAL ADXL357Z Sensor to my Arduino Nano Every and read the Acceleration Data with SPI.
Because there is no Library available, I had to write one myself and I am not able to read any Data.
At first I want to make sure my wiring is correct so I can be sure the problem is in my library:
My wiring:
D13 --> SCLK (P2)
D12 -->MISO (P2)
D11 -->MOSI (P2)
D10 -->CS (P2)

VDD --> 3.3V (P1)
VDDIO --> 3.3V (P1)
GND --> Ground on P1
Is that correct? Im not sure because there are two grounds on the Sensor and I dont know if I have to connect VDD&VDDIO or just VDD.

Thank you for your help,

You should also read through the sensors datasheet and not only the datasheet from the Evaluation board. There is a lot more information on there.

You have to ground both Vssio and Vss. If you did not ground the IO portion, you may have damaged the device. There are rules about the order in which power pins can be energized (see the data sheet).

That sensor also supports I2C, which is generally easier but again there are limitations (data sheet).