Wiring and using stepper motor driver with arduino duemilanove

Hi guys,

Need help in making things work with stepper motor. Actually I have been using stepper motor with uln2003 and arduino duemilanove. But now I need to extend motors' capacity. I now need to use stepper motor with about 20kg torque capacity and hence need to upgrade all my hardware, i.e. Power Supply, Stepper motor and its driver. I am planning to use Lead shine motors and driver. But I am not able to finalize exact stepper motor driver. I need your help in attaching motor with driver and driver's wiring with arduino. And also I need to run motor with pwm.

any help is appreciable.

If you want any useful advice you will need to post a link to the motor specifications and links to any drivers you are considering.



Here are specifications

Stepper motor Driver


Stepper motor


Let me know if further information is required.

Thanks for the links.

I'm not quite sure what advice you are looking for, so this is a guess ...

You need to pick a motor with sufficient torque for your application.

Unfortunately the figure for "holding torque" is only indicative as the torque will be lower as the motor turns faster. If you look at the first line of the motor spec it says 4.3Amps and 0.45 Ohms. It would only require 1.9 Volts to achieve that current, but if you supplied the motor at 1.9volts you would find the torque would fade quickly as the motor speeds up because the inductance of the coil prevents the current from rising quickly. This is usually overcome with a driver that can use a much higher voltage (the one you have linked to uses between 20 and 36 volts) and which can limit the current to prevent the motor from frying.

If you need to use microstepping that also reduces the torque because microstepping is achieved by using the coils to oppose each other.

I don't know how much the driver costs but there may be cheaper options if you don't need a high current motor.

As far as I can see there are good connection diagrams in the driver document.

I don't understand why you say you need to run the motor with PWM. PWM is only relevant to regular DC motors. A stepper motor driver needs steps. The stepper driver board does whatever is necessary to make the motor move.