Wiring Assistance

Im looking to connect a thermolectric module to cool something to a set dew point that i calculate.
I have already wired and coded a temp and humidity sensor. Im looking to somehow wire an output with PID code to a SSR, an analog input of a RTD transmitter, and of course the Thermoelectric module which will cool.
If anyone can help with the wiring of this, I would be grateful. I have an arduino uno with a regular adafruit shield. The temp and humidity sensor is connect to A4,A5, 5V and GND for reference to what is already wired.

Thank you ahead of time!

The PID Library does all of this for you.

Look at the "Basic" example. If it doesn't make sense to you, post the code that you have now and someone will explain how to mesh your existing code with the PID library to control the power to your SSR.

Regarding the SSR, I assume this is a SSR for DC output; does it accept PWM input?

I should also note that you need a second temperature sensor to check the temperature of the thermoelectric cooler. You obviously cannot set the cooler to any specific temperature unless you can measure it.