Wiring connection H-Bridge IRF 9530 to Arduino

i try project arduino control crane with joystick PS2

i dont know wiring the motor driver to arduino

please help me…


I don't think much of that motor shield H-bridge design. It has a very limited operating voltage range - about 10V to 18V, although 8V is probably OK if the motors take no more than a couple of amps. More than 20V will damage the mosfets. Also, it has no shoot-through avoidance mechanism when the outputs are switching, which is likely to result in high peak currents and heating of the mosfets.

Anyway, the pins of connector SL1 from left to right in the PCB image appear to me to be 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, V+ and Gnd. V+ is the positive side of the power supply for the motors (10V to 18V as above). Gnd is the negative side of the motor power supply and also Arduino ground. 1A and 1B are the control signals for the first motor. These can be driven from Arduino output pins - use PWM pins if you want to vary the motor speed. To run the motor in one direction, digitalWrite LOW to the A pin and analogWrite a value (depending on how fast you want the motor to run) to the B pin. To run the motor the other way, digitalWrite LOW to the B pin and analogWrite a value to the A pin. Similarly for the other 2 motors.

Its using IRF520 and IRF9530 as an inverter stage!!, so shoot-through will be gross. Expect that 1000uF cap to get hot and a lot of interference to the rest of the system.

My advice is not to use that H-bridge circuit.