Wiring Connections

I am doing a project with the Rugged Circuits YellowJacket http://ruggedcircuits.com/html/yellowjacket.html

The problem I have is that I have three Sonic Range Finders (The maxbotix lv-ez1 from sparkfun). I have a little spool of wire which should be plenty to handle my project. However I have male header pins on all the boards and sensors with the square pins sticking out. I need to find a solution to attach or crimp some ends to the wires so that I can connect the sensors to the microcontroller. I've been searching the Internet, stopped at Fry's electronics, a hobby shop, and a Radio Shack and nobody seems to have anything, or I don't know what I really need. Either way I was wondering if somebody could help me out. I would be happy to attach a picture to clarify what I'm trying to describe if it's necessary.

I have a few wires with some square connections on them that work great but the source that I received those from isn't unlimited and I need to purchase and make these wires on my own.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated,

It sounds as if you’re looking for some configuration of female SIP connector. Does this look like what you want – I mean, not specifically, but just the general idea?


You can get that sort of thing in all sorts of configurations.

Or, if this is meant as a more "permanent" installation - tin the pins sticking up, tin the wires, and solder them together. Another option would be to wire-wrap the pins (but you'd have to get wire-wrap wire and a tool to do it)...


I would like that idea, but I want to put the ends onto the wires. I would need a crimping tool to attach the connections to the wires, the plastic boxes aren't all that important to me. I would like to keep it to single wires for the most part. This is being used for my senior project to turn a Parrot AR.Drone into a self flying drone. I need to keep things light and tight so I can't have slack wire to roll up and tie once it's put together.


This is just to hold together long enough to finish my 1 year project then I don't want to have to desolder anything from my board, just personal preference, since the YellowJacket is a $55 piece of hardware.

Maybe, jameco.com p/n 100812 or 157383, 100766, and 159266,

2- and 3-pin receptacles,

pins for same,

correct crimper [note crimper has a ridge inside the channel, on 1/2 of one side],

pins for same,


I looked around a bit for a solder-tail version of something like that. You'd think it'd exist. Well, you can certainly solder onto one of those, then insulate it with shrink tubing.

Thank you guys!!!

oric_dan, your links are exactly what I was looking for. I used original link that justjed offered and was poking around on jameco but couldn't find that connector pin that you have pasted.

Thanks again everybody I really appreciate your input!


You should go online and request jameco to send you their catalog via snail mail. Much easier
to find the parts you need. They also carry a lot of Arduino stuff now too.

Pololu.com has crimp-on connectors that will go onto male pins.
Get some crimp housings to slide the pins into to ease handling & prevent shorts.