Wiring Hargraves DC pump

Hi, I have a 12V DC Hargraves brush pump with four wires and I'm hoping someone can help me figure the wiring. I have attached a picture of the pump to this post.

So there are four wires; a red, black, blue, and white. Can anyone confirm if the below configuration is correct?

Red: positive 12V DC supply Black: negative 12V DC supply Blue: PWM control input White: sense (maybe; not sure if this is correct)

I have looked for wiring schematics on Hargraves site but did not find anything.


Yes, their site and datasheets aren't giving anything useful away are they? I saw three-wire mentioned, not four-wire. BTS-IIS series seems to be the relevant one AFAICT.

Yeah they do not provide much information about the electrical wiring of their products. I found some info about their motors in general but nothing about wiring. I have since emailed the manufacturer and awaiting a reply. Hopefully they can provide some more insight.

Hello. This is for anyone who may potentially view this post some time down the line looking for this info. I got a response from hargraves and here is what they said:

Red Wire: 12Vdc Black: Ground Blue: Tachometer output, there is a number of pulses (depending on the motor) for every rotation White: Speed control using PWM. 20kHz open collector signal

It would be nice if they put that in their "datasheets" too ;)

I should also note that the PWM outputs on the Arduino boards, from what I understand, are not capable of producing the necessary 20kHz signal required to control the speed of this motor. :(