wiring in project 01


I just received my starter kit and began project one. I understand the schematics and even sourced videos online to verify my wiring and assembly.

However, the minute I plug in my arduino it stops working (ie. no blinking "L" and arduino is completely shut off, not allowing me to light my LED). I have checked my wiring and the task is simple enough to know what I am doing incorrectly, when I am... is something wrong with my arduino? Does anyone have any idea as to what may be my issue?

Thank you in advance!

Disconnect everything and start again doing the connecting slowly and carefully.

Thank you for the reply!

I just did that and I am still getting the same results.

I also unplugged everything , and then just put in my 5V and my GND wires only, to see if the ā€œLā€ would stay on. It did not. Something is telling me that it must be the wires or the arduino itself. I then checked for the location of my wires and that is correct too. Not sure what to do now.

I figured it out!

I tried the other power bus and that side worked for some reason. Is there a reason why one side would not be working?

To little of information to tell. Sides?

Some breadboards have split power rails so you can use 2 (or more) power supplies, you may need to jumper the splits.