wiring lamp's switch & 5v relay

Hi. I would like some help with the wiring to create some sort of 2 way switch in some appliances that i have and 5v relays. For example i have some bedside lamps that work through the ordinary on/off switch. I would like to add a 5v relay and an arduino and switch it on/off either from the switch or from the arduino. the idea is that if i forget to switch off the lamp, then it will be switched off from Arduino. Next, i will operate it remotely, when away to show presence in the house.
The attached picture shows with a red tringle the ordinary switch. I am confused how to add the 5v relay in the wiring, to operate as 2 way switch. So you can switch it on/off from either the relay or the switch.


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You need a "3 way" switch and type "C" (NO / COM / NC) relay contacts.

How will the Arduino determine you forgot to turn it off. You will need a long extension cord to control it remotely, what are you plans for this. It might help all of us if you did a schematic, not a frizzy thing of what you want. Not to worry about mistooks, we all make them.

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