Wiring motor driver SLA7078 to arduino UNO

I'm trying to connect a SLA7078 stepper motor driver to my Arduino UNO but the only information about steppers and Arduino is ULA2004a. Has anyone tried using a stepper motor with SLA7078 and Arduino? If so plz help.

Try downloading there application note: SLA7078MPRT |Sanken Electric It shows how to connect it to a microcontroler. It does not supply any libraries for the Arduino that I saw.

From the datasheet it seems there are clock and a CW/CCW inputs (ie step and direction), just like the
DRV8825 / A4988.

Thus all you need is to drive it just like these chips.

This is a somewhat unusual microstepping unipolar (5-wire motor) driver unit, but conceptually it should
be very like the A4988 and DRV8825 except how the motor connects.

The datasheet has a “typical application” circuit on page 11. Use this, but you can hardwire most of the
signals that it shows being under microcontroller control, as things like M0/M1/M2 are usually fixed.

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