wiring multiple maxbotix sensors

Hello everyone. I am looking to wire up multiple maxbotix distance sensors to the arduino, but I'm totally confused about how to set up the hardware aspect of it -

I don't understand what BW connects to, and where the RX of the maxbotix is being fed from. I'm also not quite sure of the best approach to take of the ones described here: http://www.maxbotix.com/MaxSonar-EZ1__FAQ.html#How_can_I_use_more_than_one_MaxSonar_EZ1_in_the_same_system

Any help with this would be great, I'm at a loss to understand how to proceed with this - I am using the analog out of the sensors, and plan to use three of them....

You don't say what sort of sensor you are using there are many in the link.

RX should be connected to an output line on the Arduino and pulsed as appropriate. Each output should be wired to a separate analogue input pin. As the link says you can operate them one at a time or all together. Probably the best would be to operate them one at a time. It tells you in the link how to connect them up so I am not sure what you need to know. I couldn't find reference to the BW line so I assume it is OK to leave it un connected.

Maxbotix sensors that support both serial and pulse width outputs use the BW pin to select the mode. BW should be high for pulse, low or open for serial.

Thank you for responding - It is the EZ1 I am using. Basically I am asking what I need to do on the Arduino side - for instance, what do I do to "pulse" them? Does that just mean switching between high and low on a digital output? Sorry to be so basic, I am quite new to this!

So Mem, are you saying that if I am using the analog output, I don't need to worry about the BW pin?

You do need to connect BW to +5v for analog output. There is some code in this thread: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1150733693

Thank you very much - so just to clarify, the BW needs to connect to 5V on the arduino, in addition to the "+5" pin?

it you are using a seperate power supply for the EZ1 then connect BW to the EZ1 +5v. If the EZ1 is powered from the Arduino +5 then it does not matter.